Bob Bowden is the owner of Bowden Properties Aspen real estate sales and custom home development.

Bowden Properties has been a major force in the Aspen real estate market with some of the largest transactions ever recorded in the private residential arena. The depth of understanding of the contract process it requires to achieve this type of transaction is of the highest caliber and Bob is renowned for seeing even the most complicated deals through to fruition.

Bowden Properties has also developed some of the most luxurious properties in the Aspen area, in prestigious neighborhoods from Starwood to Sunnyside to the downtown core. With a dedicate team behind him Bob has achieved results that have exceeded the expectations of the most demanding clientele and on projects of the grandest scale.

Bob’s personal experience in the Aspen area has allowed him to create a network of relationships that allow him access to the right people to get any deal brokered and any project complete. You can count on this experience to be put to work for you and your real estate needs here in Aspen.

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Feel free to contact Bob directly at the Aspen office 970-544-2000

In addition to Bob’s personal expertise with both real estate and custom home development Bowden Properties has a dedicated team specializing in both Aspen home rentals and property management. Allowing second homeowners to have one resource maintain and rent their property. Looking for an Aspen vacation rental the Bowden Properties team has access to the full inventory in the area but also some luxury exclusive properties.