About Bob Bowden

About Bob Bowden

Bob Bowden Aspen custom home developer grew up in Chicago and graduated from Wheaton Central High School in 1969.  He attended Valparaiso University from 69-73 and graduated with a BSEE in electrical engineering. He became involved in a family electronic manufacturing business, Sencore Inc, and spent 13 years with the company as the premier manufacturer of electronic test equipment for the audio/video service fields. He was instrumental in the relocation of the entire manufacturing operation from the Chicagoland area to Sioux Falls, SD, which eventually paved the way for many other manufacturing companies such as Gateway Computers to relocate to what was soon to be known as the Silicon Prarie. While working at Sencore he attended various executive level studies offered by the graduate school business at the University of South Dakota as well as Stanford University. He sold his interest in the business in 1984 and moved to Aspen for what was to be a winter off to consider his next move. Within less than a month Bob decided he didn’t need to make any further moves as he had found a new home in Aspen. He purchased a nightclub with a local hotelier, invested in several real estate opportunities, secured his real estate license, as he believed Aspen was about to encounter a real boom cycle, which it did, and became an active member of the community.

bob bowden aspenAfter 3 years of brokering local real estate, it became clear to Bob that the buyers were seeking bigger and basically better homes. Aspen was growing in popularity as a world class resort. The clientele was more affluent and was out growing the limited home offerings in the existing inventory. It wasn’t long before Bob’s engineering side took over as he saw ample opportunity to design build new homes. He started small, but by the mid 90’s he had become a general contractor and was building and selling 15,000 sf spec homes to some of the worlds richest and most famous under the flag Bowden Properties.

Soon after he opened his own property management company to service the needs of these new buyers, followed by his own interior design firm to furnish and fit out these homes down to the finest detail. Bowden Properties became Aspen’s premier developer of truly legacy homes, with an amazing 42 homes to his name in less than 20 years. Yet, this was just the beginning of yet another chapter in Bob’s career.

The crash of ’08 created an opportunity for Bob to re-direct the interior design and construction services to the outside consumers. So for the first time, Bob offered to design and build homes for other clients, much to the delight of the market place. The interior business grew at such a rate that Bob was able to open the Aspen Design Room in the summer of 2014. This 3000 sf furniture showroom offers exclusive lines to both the trade and public. The feature lines include Armani/Casa, Ralph Lauren, Lee Industries, Scala, Porto Romano, and a myriad of other quality vendors. The showroom also offers interior design services for anyone needing help with their new home.  Bob’s client list reads like a who’s who and boasts many of the wealthiest and most sophisticated families in the world.

Bob says, “my passion is intuitive design that just feels right.” I think everyone has had that feeling at one time or another, like i’ve been here before, or this just feels right. And you know it from the moment you walk in. That’s my goal with every home we design. Very few people have that knack. It’s a gift. I don’t think you can teach it. You can refine it with school, but you either have the gift or you don’t. Our team ‘has it”, and we are thrilled to share this commitment to design excellence with you.”

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