Aspen West End

Aspen West End

The West End of Aspen is a very special place, the historic nature of the Old Victorian homes is endeared by the residents of this neighborhood and protected by the Aspen Historical Society. Bob Bowden was excited to add a West End Old Victorian project to his quiver of Aspen developments.

Remodeling one of these homes requires an appreciation for an aesthetic of a by gone era and an understanding of working within the strict guidelines of the AHS. The Aspen Historical Society is in place to actively preserve the local history of Aspen and the community. They are passionately involved in decision making of historic homes and in a provocative manner represent those who live and work here to anchor our community and its evolving character.

This lovely home has maintained all the integrity and charm of its original Victorian structure while being completely remodeled with all the comfort and finished of a modern day Aspen estate. The result is a home that is both cozy and clean, warm and efficient, classic and modern. From the barn style green door of the entry to the candle chandelier inspired lighting every element of the home is rooted in both the past and present.

The home furnishings themselves follow this design style, incorporating animal skin and other natural elements. This gives the chairs and couches an earthy feeling while their clean form makes them modern and comfortable, fitting right in with the aesthetic of the home.

The kitchen is the perfect blend of old world charm and modern convenience. The cooper hood over the stove is the focal point of this space and roots the rrom with its earthy and timeless feel. The shaker style cabinets were the perfect choice to complement the style of the home while the concrete countertops give the room the weight that one would expect from a mining era home. Brought into the modern era with stainless steel appliances and all the amenities one would expect in a contemporary kitchen. Then of course there is the farmhouse sink giving the room that final decorative touch that spans the old and the new.

The muted color pattern harkens back to the time period when Aspen was known as Ute City and silver mining was the boom of the day. For those not in the know our little mountain town was actually over double the size it is today before the silver market crashed and it became a ghost town. The Hotel Jerome was actually the first building in the state to have electricity. Then some of the surviving members of the heroic 10th Mountain Division came here after World War II and built a ski resort. The gave the town its second birth under the name Aspen.

Throughout the home you can find these timeless details, the cedar armoires, the four post beds, the wooden staircases, even the office has a antique mirror and old fashioned desk to counter the brand new Macintosh sitting on it.

Bob Bowden Aspen home builder was the owners representative on this project assuring that the home was built with the highest quality practices and materials, assuring the owner’s design style was adhered too and that all policies of the Aspen Historical Society were adhered too.