Sun River Estate

Sun River Estate

Sun River Estate is a true masterpiece from the Bob Bowden Aspen home collection. The attention to detail is immediately obvious from the moment you enter the drive and approach the front of the house. The entryway leading up from the drive and into the front door is inviting and elegant, the roofline with it’s soft arch gives the house a flow and mirrors the parking area tying together the home with the exterior.

Once inside you are presented with the floating walkway that connect the different regions of the home in an architecturally stunning application. The stairway leading up itself appears to be floating, giving the home a light an open feel. The great room has a wood finished ceiling between timbers that gives the space a warm and cozy feel. The real glass wall opens the space even more providing amazing views and a real connection with the outside. The timbered floor and fireplace at the end of the room complete the space with details that give this centerpiece of the home a design that is stately yet livable at the same time.

Other intimate spaces are built into the home to allow for a variety of places to relax depending on your mood. The sitting room with its own fireplace and lighter colors is the perfect place to relax with a book or have an intimate conversation.

The kitchen is a modern masterpiece of a cook space, a functional design that is perfect for family, clean and elegant yet durable to withstand the demands of a robust and lively family life. Stainless steel appliances are matched with the stainless cabinet pulls and lighting accents, while the ceiling timbers and wood finish connect the kitchen to the rest of the home. The 12 inch floor boards give the room strength and a solid feel. The cozy breakfast nook is so well designed you may just want to eat all your meals here.

Downstairs is a parlor for gaming and entertainment fit to provide a family with a lifetime of fun. The media room is equipped with two large couches, beanbag chairs and a massive flat screen. The pool room and bar is perfect for entertaining guests in a space that is stylish and inviting, giving any gathering that more special feel.

The bedrooms have received as much attention to the other spaces in the home and it shows. The physical dimensions of the room were specifically designed to give enough space around the bed to allow for freedom of movement while also keeping the room cozy. Vaulted ceilings give your head space to roam without the weight of a low ceiling pressing on you. The master bedroom has a private patio that allows the outside to come into this bedroom, or for taking your time in the morning and getting a moment with nature before embracing your day. The kids room with built in bunk beds is ideal for siblings to spend time together and have friends for sleepovers.

Then we have the outside living areas, with one space next to the fire hearth that provides warmth and one by the river for cooling off on summer days. As well as a complete outdoor dining area that has the same elegant finished feel as the interior.