Aspen Lakes Ranch

Aspen Lakes Ranch

Aspen Lakes Ranch is a custom estate home built by Bob Bowden and Bowden Properties Aspen, Colorado in the exclusive Sunnyside Ridge neighborhood off of Mclain Flats. This property is one of his favorites and reflects his design style and desire to design a home into its natural surroundings.

The exterior of the home is tied to the outside in several ways. First the home wraps itself around a small lake with multiple patios coming right up to the water. There is a hot tub on one deck sitting feet from the lake connecting the two water elements in a very enchanting way. There are lighting elements that reflect from the deck onto the lake again connecting the man made with the natural. There are multiple waterways flowing to and from the lake that literally wrap themselves around the home, the water element is truly an integrated part of this homes design.

The entire west fa├žade of the home has expansive windows that face the majestic Elk Range of the Colorado Rockies. The view is so powerful from this wall of glass that it feels as if it is not something you are witnessing but experiencing as part of the home.

This handsome estate features expansive outdoor living that invites the outside into the home as well. Living spaces that are so well designed and furnished that you hardly notice when you have left the interior of the home and are outside. This creates a extremely comfortable place to relax with all the comforts of home and all the beauty and power of the Colorado outdoors combined into one.

The interior of the home is also tied to the natural, with two magnificent stone fireplaces abutting either end of the great room giving the space strength and stability. Wood is used to compliment the stonework beautifully. With massive dark timbers to support the ceilings and lighter wood finished ceiling panels creating a stark contrast that draws the eye upward making the expansiveness of the home feel even more magnificent.

The stone fireplace in the kitchen is beset on either side with windows that look out to duel water features that are also set in stone. This is so well designed and executed it is hard to at times distinguish what elements are outside and which are inside. Rich dark custom cabinets ground the kitchen while the stainless appliances remind you that you are in modern masterpiece of a home. This space addressed how popular the kitchen really is in the home by adding a living space on end, this way guest and family can be close by while the preparation of nourishment is underway.

The stainless steel in contrast with dark wood tones continues on into the bathrooms. The master bath complete with roomy steam shower and freestanding stainless steel tub is truly a place to melt away the day and loose yourself in relaxation.

The master bedroom also has a dedicated living area with two couches and a large ottoman. Find yourself wanting to take space and read or wanting privacy for an intimate conversation you can easily loose yourself in the isolation and comfort of this space.

Bowden Properties Aspen homes are created for living the Aspen lifestyle, supporting mind, body and spirit and curated with the Aspen aesthetic.

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