The Cabin Remodel

The Cabin Remodel

Bear Cabin was an extremely special project for Aspen custom home builder Bob Bowden. This log cabin of enormous proportions was purchased by someone who dreamed of creating a mountain modern interior in a home that that truly belongs in the mountain. Having the opportunity to remodel a historically significant structure such as this one in a way that maintained its original integrity, and create a living space that is as decadent as any in Aspen presented exactly the type of challenge of design and craftsmanship that excite a master of their craft like Bob.

Every part of the home was given attention by the Bob Bowden Aspen design team, the refurbishing of all wood in the structure, the functionality of the spaces and finally the furnishing of the interior spaces.

After any wood in the structure that was in need or repair or replacement was brought up to full repair, stone elements were built into key areas of the home. Massive stone columns were built to support the flying walkway that leads from the top of the stairs to the master bedroom. New stonework was also done around the fireplaces. The modern masonry techniques used to lay the new stonework gave this timeless building material an up to date feel and was one of the first key pieces in modernizing the house while remaining timeless in structure.

Now that the main structure was completely refurbished the living spaces were addressed. Expansive windows were built into the family room were added to give the interior more natural light. Steam showers were added to the updated bathrooms to give the homeowners the amenities of a modern house. New wood doors were built and added to the home that gave the home even more strength and modern functionality.

The kitchen received a complete makeover with concrete countertops, this seemed to be the natural material for the counters as the weight of the concrete is able to hold its own against the other strong elements of the home. Stainless appliances also seemed to be a natural fit in this masculine structure.

Custom lighting was created by the Bob Bowden Aspen company the Aspen Design Room. As well as the magnificent wood dining room table measuring over 12’ in length. This is the type of extra effort that makes a home a true work of art, when you can’t find the exact right piece, take it upon yourself to create it. This is just one of many things that set apart a Bowden home from the competition and why those who know what they want come to Bob to turn their dreams into reality.

An elegant color pattern of soft white upholstery pieces complimented by warm wood tones in the dressers and armoires were the perfect contrast against the bold wood and stone structure of the home. Plush white rugs and ottomans and soft white pillows further softened the home creating a very warm living area in the bold structure of the home. Soft white lighting and white curtains were the final elements needed to complete this log cabin into a mountain modern masterpiece of interior design.